a present from professor (교수님) in the morning

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my korean friend yelled my name from office room after his took a phone. He told me that professor wanna see me after i finished my work in culture room. I was nervous when i was supossing that he wants to discuss my paper manuscript which i gave him yesterday afternoon at lab meeting. Really, i was not confident with my manuscript yet. thus, i was walking out to professor room by growing up my nervous.

i was surprise when i entered professor office. he welcame me kindly and snacthed a wrapped plastic  from his refrigator

“My wife send you this. You put them in lab refrigator until you come home this afternoon. My wife made 오징어 볶음 (korena hot chili pepper cooked with squid)  and kimchi (김치). Dont forget to eat them with 밥 ”


i returned to my lab with a present and a bulk of smile. Oh..how remarkable morning is it.

감사합니다 교수님

thank you very much prof.


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