DANDE (Dankook Dehak: 대학) in embrace of Autumn (가을)

my second 가을/ ka el/ or autumn in korea is almost finished. the rest of days will enter the forzen time of winter season. We, the tropical people, are facing this change by switching on “the ready mode” of preparation. It’s such a serious thing for me at least. When the autumn is passing its turn, i will re-call of my “war equipments”, such as thick jacket, gloves, neck scraf and thick masker for survival :). it looks like an over acting of the villager indeed. ha..ha…that’s a fact of my life here anyway.

Actually, i do love snow but i dislike the cold. that is why, i need serious preparation for cope my frozen time.

today, after finished my class. i took some pictures when my university is still in embrace of ka el. please enjoy them as fast as you can, before all of them are getting frozen. 🙂


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